Computer Repair in Waterloo, Illinois

Have you recently been experiencing issues with your desktop PC or laptop? Don’t let computer problems ruin your day, CompuType IT Solutions provides Computer Repair Services in Waterloo, Illinois and is here to solve your issue. We have decades of experience when it comes to properly diagnosing and repairing computer problems of all kind. With our Computer Repair Services, you will never need to take your malfunctioning machine anywhere else! We use a variety of diagnostic techniques to determine the severity of the problem and will communicate with you the best course of action to take at an affordable cost. We also house a large inventory of computer accessories and parts to replace any defect with your machine.

Because some computer issues are caused by presence of viruses or malware, we can do a thorough scan of your entire system to detect any possible infections that may be directly contributing to the problem you are experiencing.

If you are needing help and would like to either bring in your computer to our location or have us schedule a service call to yours, please contact us today at Toll Free: 877-233-8500 or Local: 618-233-8500. We appreciate your business!