Recycle Solutions

CompuType IT Solutions has gone green! All of our staff are aware of our impact on the environment and exercise care to make sure that responsible practices are employed at every level. From the packing materials used in day to day operation to the handling of your computer hardware, you can rest assured that the team at CompuType is looking out for the best interest of your company and the planet as well.

Overview of Services

Single-Stream Recycling
Nearly every computer, copier, printer or other piece of hardware that we provide comes to us wrapped in plastic and/or tucked in a cardboard box. Every effort is made to ensure that those materials and more are kept from landfills and reused or recycled. Recycling cardboard and paper extends the useful life of the trees cut to manufacture those products and requires less energy to produce than the original process.

Remote Support
Many of our customers are opting for remote support where available. In addition to the time saving benefits, avoiding the drive to and from your office helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels. Our GOTOCOMPU Service allows us to further enhance those benefits with remote monitoring and proactive services that save you the cost of a service call, while sparing precious petroleum products as well.

Streamlining our Fleet
Alas, no amount of planning can 100% eliminate the need for on-site service calls. We are doing our part to continue saving fossil fuels through careful selection of vehicles for technician and staff members who do travel. By making better choices, we are able to increase the average fuel economy of our vehicle fleet, which means fewer harmful emissions and a greener tomorrow.

Pre-Owned Computers
For a business, it often makes sense to replace technology early and often. Doing so can save downtime associated with maintaining older equipment and often leads to increased productivity for office staff as well. Some of us do not have the need for the best, the fastest or the latest technology. CompuType IT Solutions is able to satisfy all needs at both ends of the spectrum. We partner with area businesses to remanufacture pre-owned computer equipment, extending the useful life of the components that make up a complete system and eliminating waste along the way.

Computer Recycling
Last, but certainly not least, that old computer can contain a lot more than just your old data. Lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and other chemical compounds are often present and in quantities that can contaminate the soil or ground water if not managed properly. Through responsible recycling, CompuType IT Solutions is doing its part to keep the environment safe from these threats. In addition, we also help those in our local area to comply with Illinois legislation requiring a host of electronic items to be recycled. Our staff can assist you with the safe disposal of all of the following items:

  • Desktop and Notebook Computers
  • Computer Monitors (CRT and LCD Display Panels)
  • Televisions of all types
  • Dot-Matrix, Inkjet, Laser or Receipt Printers
  • Electronic Keyboards and Mice
  • Facsimile Machines
  • Video Cassette Recorders (VCR)
  • Portable Digital Music Players (MP3 Player)
  • Digital Video Disc Players (DVD Player)
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Photo and Document Scanners
  • Digital Converter Boxes
  • Cable Television Receivers
  • Satellite Television Receivers
  • Digital Video Disc Recorders
  • Small-scale Server Computers