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September 20, 2018
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Happy Birthday to Us!

CompuType just turned 30 years old. Over that 30 years, technology and its role in our lives has progressed, changed, and evolved. When we opened our doors, cell phones were the size of a brick and televisions were the size of a walrus. Camcorders were large and cumbersome, and laptops were cutting edge. The eight-bit video games were game changers, and VCR and cassette tapes made movies and music more accessible to the masses. Now, televisions are razor thin and smart phones have managed to swallow cellphones, laptops, Walkmans, game consoles, and camcorders into one sleek, portable device.

As technology has changed, so have we. In 1988, our founders Brent Boyles and Dave Hollenbeck purchased a typewriter business (hence the “type” portion of the CompuType name). That business was located at 4401 N. Belt West in Belleville, Illinois, where CompuType is still located to this day. Once CompuType was born, Brent and Dave, seeing the increasing importance of PCs to business, began converting typewriter users to computer users.

Are you old enough to remember the budding technology from 1988?

In 1988, the Internet was in its infancy in educational and scientific institutions. Now, it is the driving force of commerce and culture. The ever-changing Internet also presents ever-changing security challenges. That is why we offer managed services to protect your network, our GOTOCOMPU service includes proactive maintenance, 24-hour monitoring, anti-virus solutions, patch management, inventory reports, remote support, and fast and reliable response from our staff to prevent downtime and keep you productive.

CompuType also provides IT services for both office and home, printer and copier services, video surveillance, Lenovo warrantee service, recycling, web design, and digital marketing. Since our founding, CompuType has remained a family owned company with deep roots in the Metro East community. Brent is a lifelong Belleville resident, while Dave, a native of Arnold, Missouri, now resides in the Signal Hill area of Belleville. Brent and Dave are brothers-in-law, and their father-in-law, Irve DeFrates, along with Brent’s father, Al Boyles, were instrumental in starting CompuType. Dave’s brother, Rick Hollenbeck, currently heads up the video surveillance division, while Brent’s wife, Lanna, works in the copier division. Brent and Dave’s sister-in-law, Renee Dietz, is the purchasing manager.

It has been an honor and a privilege to provide IT services in St. Louis and the Metro East for the last 30 years. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all of the employees past and present who helped us get to this point, and most of all, to our loyal customers.

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