Don’t Be Afraid to Migrate to Office 365

Technology and Business Tax Deductions
We Help You Invest Wisely In Your Section 179 Business Equipment Tax Deduction
November 10, 2020
March 2021 Microsoft Cumulative Update may cause Infamous “Blue Screen of Death”
March 12, 2021
Technology and Business Tax Deductions
We Help You Invest Wisely In Your Section 179 Business Equipment Tax Deduction
November 10, 2020
March 2021 Microsoft Cumulative Update may cause Infamous “Blue Screen of Death”
March 12, 2021

Your company’s email and stored data are probably one of its biggest assets. So, of course you want it stored in and operating within the most up-to-date, secure, and reliable network. You want to update to Microsoft 365 to get all the great benefits of Microsoft’s functionality and reliability, but making the leap requires confidence and… after all, it’s your company’s data we’re talking about here!

Most businesses that we talk to mention their fears of losing data, lost emails and disruptions of business leading to the expenses of fixing any resulting problems.

We tell them all the same thing. We take your data and your business processes seriously. It’s what we do. Our name, after all is CompuType IT Solutions. We have been in the business of helping businesses anticipate and prevent IT problems for over 3 decades. Heck, our name comes from the very first migrations we helped small businesses achieve: moving from typewriters to computers!

Let’s take a look at the migration process of moving your business to Office 365 and maybe we can help you understand the benefits, the risks, the payoffs, and why CompuType is the name you can trust to migrate your business processes to a platform that will help you leverage your productivity.

What is an Office 365 Migration?

Migrating to Office 365 means moving your email and data from an outdated storage system to an up-to-date system. Email, contacts and calendar data are all exported from the old system and migrated to the new service.

During the process, we will make sure that your copiers can still scan to email, your accounting packages can still send out paystubs, and that all of your business contacts can still reach your through a safe and reliable email system.

What is Office 365 and Why Should You Migrate?

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular options of Productivity Suites that allow you to take advantage of a bundle of subscription services to seamlessly work, collaborate and execute your company’s goals productively and seamlessly across your organization and with others outside of your organization.

Office 365 includes several components that you are no-doubt already familiar with, including:

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Access
  • Publisher, and
  • OneNote

These Office 365 components also expand into the Cloud, allowing them to interact with Skype for Business, Exchange Online and SharePoint.

Subscribing to Office 365 means that your company will have all of the upgrades, software and security patches that enhance your experience and security as Microsoft makes them available. CompuType has options for managing these updates to keep your system up-to-date and running smoothly.

The Office 365 Migration Process

  • CompuType will help you and your company prepare for the migration. We’ll evaluate your present environment and come up with a migration game plan.
  • We’ll keep your network security in mind throughout the migration to ensure that your setup is safe from hackers or malware.
  • We’ll design a backup and recovery strategy that fits your needs.
  • CompuType will implement our software solutions that monitor and audit pre-migration activities to ensure security and any potential conflicts that might present themselves during or after the migration.
  • We’ll work with your team to migrate your data seamlessly to eliminate impact on your work processes.
  • Your workers and users likely will not even realize that they’ve been moved from one platform to another.

Why should I migrate to Office 365?

Migrating to Office 365 is an upgrade that you should seriously consider for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Predictable Costs– Office 365 subscriptions offer certainty about IT costs going forward. Since you will now be receiving upgrades managed by Microsoft automatically including security upgrades and new functionalities, you won’t have to spend any time considering whether or not to engage in the upgrade process and worrying about whether or not everything will go smoothly.
  • Flexibility and Agility– As the world has learned over the past year, the ability to be flexible when it comes to work locations, resources and personnel is critical to keeping your business viable. Microsoft Office 365 allows you to scale up or down depending on what your business needs while keeping everyone on the newest versions of software with access to all your company’s data.
  • Enhance Company Communication – Office 365 helps your company overcome physical distances or the obstacles created by teams or projects. Office 365 unifies your company and allows them to collaborate easily across your organization even if everyone is in a different space. Through using Exchange Online, SharePoint, Office Groups, Yammer, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business and Office Video, everyone will feel connected and productive.
  • Productivity– Now everyone in your organization will have complete access to Microsoft Office applications wherever they are and using whatever platform is available to them. Mobile and smartphone access means that work isn’t confined to your office.
  • Better IT Management – Keeping everything running and up-to-date can cause real headaches and unexpected, unproductive downtime. Migrating to Office 365 means that from now on most updates and enhancements are handled automatically. This means you can think about your business rather than your platforms.

These Office 365 components also expand into the Cloud, allowing them to interact with Skype for Business, Exchange Online and SharePoint.


Additional Features and Services of Office 365

CompuType also offers additional services to help keep your office safe and secure.

Microsoft Defender for 365 helps cut down on junk mail.

Ironscales Phishing protection helps to filter out phishing attempts, which can cost you money and cripple your business.

DropSuite Backup keeps your data backed up in a secure location, so your email and data will be safe.

Azure Information Protection allows you to send encrypted email when needed for extra security.

Microsoft Data Loss Prevention protects you from sending personal information, social security numbers and credit card information through unsecure channels.

These are just a few of the ways we can enhance your email experience, and protect you and your clients’ data.

Owning a business and sending email from personal email accounts like,, or just looks unprofessional and disorganized. Take ownership of your company, and one of its most valuable assets by branding your email with your own company-owned domain name, and retain ownership of your company’s precious information.


How do I get started with My Company’s Office 365 Migration?

Beginning the migration process to a more productive and secure Office 365 platform begins with a single phone call. Call CompuType at 618-233-8500 to get this big item off your to-do list and head into the new year pointed in the right direction.