CompuType is the leading provider of IT Services in St Louis, Missouri and surrounding communities in the Metro East area including: Belleville Illinois, Waterloo Illinois and Edwardsville Illinois.

Overview of Managed IT Services in St Louis and Metro East

Network Design & Consultation

Our experienced technicians assess your technology needs and design a custom IT solution for your business. We can help you to get the most from your existing hardware and offer cost effective upgrade solutions designed to enhance productivity.

We also offer VOIP, data and phone cabling services in the St Louis Mo and Metro East area to complete your package. We also provide IT Service Management to ensure your peace of mind in knowing that your technology solutions are up and running and fully optimized.

File Server Sales & Service

If you have outgrown your current server or have experienced hardware failure and are in the market for a new file server, our IT support services can help. CompuType IT Solutions is a Dell Registered Partner and the leading Nobilis reseller in the St. Louis area.

We can recommend a server to fit your needs and also allow room for expansion and growth. We offer service, asset management and support after the sale, so you can rest assured that your network is in good hands. As a leading IT Consulting Firm, we are proud to help small businesses grow and help large businesses excel.

Network Security

As a leading IT Consulting Service in St Louis, our solutions are designed to make your business more productive and secure. We can create Secure Remote Access/VPN logins for your employees so they can access their desktops from a variety of locations. We can also develop a firewall solution for your network.

We are a Watchguard partner and can assist you with the design of an affordable and easy-to-manage firewall solution for your network.

Server Co-Location

CompuType IT Solutions also offers file server co-location for your business. Keep your data protected from theft, vandalism, fire and acts of nature. Let us co-locate your server, and you can rest assured that your data is always safe.

Backup Solutions

We can also design a user-friendly onsite or remote backup solution for your network. You can decide how often your data gets backed up and how you would like to be notified when the backup is completed. CompuType IT Solutions can also establish a remote backup solution for your data complete with offsite storage of your backup. Your data is important. Let our IT Outsourcing Services help you protect it!

Remote Backup

Trust CompuType IT Service Providers to help keep your data safe from disaster. CompuType has the experience and resources to keep your data safe, secure, and available whenever you need it. Our remote backup services are inexpensive, simple, and reliable.

WatchGuard Security

With WatchGuard protecting your networks, you will be shielded from hackers, viruses, malware, and lost productivity due to casual web surfing. The WatchGuard XTM family of network security appliances is a new class of performance-driven solutions. Blazing fast throughput combines with advanced networking features to handle high-volume traffic securely – and at an affordable price.

Includes a suite of flexible management tools that allows IT administrators to manage security through an intuitive centralized console, command line interface, and web UI. Nineteen models to choose from. For small to mid-size businesses, from 50 users or fewer up to 4,000.

Mobile Device Integration

Our technicians are also equipped to handle the integration of a variety of PDA devices, smartphones and tablets. Our leading IT Services Company can harness the power of the Cloud and make it work for you. No more fumbling with your new iPhone. Just call us and let our technicians integrate your mobile devices so that you are always connected whether you are in the office, at home or on the go.

How Outsourcing Company Information Technology Services Can Save You Money

Outsourcing information technology (IT) services can significantly contribute to cost savings for a company in various ways. When a company chooses to outsource IT services, it involves hiring external experts or a specialized IT service provider to manage and handle specific technology-related functions. Here’s how outsourcing IT services can lead to cost savings:

  1. Reduced Labor Costs: One of the primary advantages of outsourcing IT services is the potential for reduced labor costs. By outsourcing, a company can avoid the expenses associated with hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house IT team. Outsourcing allows businesses to tap into a pool of skilled professionals without the overhead costs of full-time employees, including salaries, benefits, and office space.
  2. Access to Specialized Expertise: Outsourcing provides access to a diverse range of IT professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Instead of investing in continuous training and skill development for an in-house team, companies can leverage the expertise of external professionals. This ensures that the IT tasks are handled efficiently and effectively, reducing the risk of errors and the need for costly fixes.
  3. Focus on Core Competencies: Outsourcing IT services allows a company’s internal resources to be focused on core business activities rather than getting bogged down by IT maintenance, support, and troubleshooting. This increased focus on core competencies can lead to improved productivity and innovation, ultimately driving revenue growth.
  4. Scalability and Flexibility: IT outsourcing offers the flexibility to scale services up or down based on business needs. This means that during periods of increased demand or expansion, a company can quickly access additional resources without the costs and delays associated with hiring and training new employees.
  5. Reduced Infrastructure Costs: Maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure can be expensive, requiring investments in hardware, software licenses, and maintenance. By outsourcing, a company can reduce the need for significant upfront investments and ongoing maintenance costs. The IT service provider often already has the necessary infrastructure in place.
  6. Predictable Budgeting: Outsourcing IT services typically involves fixed or predictable monthly costs. This makes budgeting and financial planning more manageable since companies can anticipate their IT expenses without worrying about unexpected costs associated with equipment failures or emergency repairs.
  7. Economies of Scale: IT service providers often work with multiple clients, which allows them to benefit from economies of scale. They can spread the costs of infrastructure, tools, and resources across multiple clients, leading to cost savings that would be difficult to achieve for an individual company.
  8. Reduced Downtime: Outsourcing IT services often includes proactive monitoring and maintenance, which helps prevent system failures and downtime. This translates to improved operational efficiency and reduced revenue loss due to technical issues.

Overall, outsourcing IT services can be a strategic move for companies looking to optimize their operations and achieve significant cost savings. It allows businesses to tap into a wealth of expertise, streamline operations, and focus resources on core business activities, all while benefiting from predictable costs and enhanced technology performance.


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