CompuType has been an Authorized Reseller and Service Provider for Kyocera Mita Products since 2004. For over 8 years we have provided reliable devices that are inexpensive to companies of all sizes. Our services alone allowed CompuType to have more of a competitive edge in today’s economy. If you are looking for a copier, printer, fax, or all-in-one device then CompuType and Kyocera have what you’re looking for! We offer competitive prices on copiers, printers, faxes, all-in-one devices, color and monochrome devices, maintenance agreements, delivery, setup, and training.

We are the leading provider of Printer & Copier Solutions in St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding communities in the Metro East area including Belleville Illinois, Waterloo Illinois and Edwardsville Illinois.

Overview of Services

CompuType has several Kyocera printers that can be utilized by any office, small to large. CompuType can provide printers that are both non-networked and networked. Non-networked (USB) printers are used by one employee only and cannot be shared with anyone else. Kyocera network printers can be setup on the network so that multiple users can print to one printer. Having a network printer is very cost effective in a business. All Kyocera printers have longevity and come with a high toner yield at a comparably low cost to today’s competitors. All Kyocera printers can also be equipped with additional paper drawers at an additional cost.

CompuType has desktop to large size Kyocera copiers that will fit your current office needs. If you are looking to utilize a copier into growing with your business then CompuType can help personalize a specific copier for future needs. CompuType has both color and monochrome Kycoera copiers to fit your printing and copying needs. Our desktop copiers are small and can be used for an office size of 1 to 5 employees. Our midsize stand-alone network copiers can be utilized for a business that has 6-10 employees. Our large copiers can be utilized for an office size of more than 10 employees. Most of our Kyocera copiers come standard with copy, network print, duplex, and scan. All other options and accessories can be added for an additional cost.

All-in-One Devices
Kyocera has both color and monochrome all-in-one desktop devices. The Kyocera all-in-one devices automatically come equipped with copy, network print, duplex, scan, fax, document feeder, and paper drawer. The Kyocera all-in-one copier devices are mainly used for smaller offices that do not do a lot of printing and scanning. You can add additional paper drawers to each all-in-one device at an additional cost.

Pre-Owned Equipment
For companies that do not want to spend a lot of money on new Kyocera devices, CompuType does have the option to provide you with a Pre-Owned copier or printer that is less expensive and still reliable for your company’s needs. We have several Kyocera Pre-Owned copiers and printers in stock. Please stop by our showroom to see what we currently have available.

Managed Print Services
CompuType can provide you with ways to save on all of your printing devices. CompuType offers managed network printing environments with a single solution for device management, print queue management, reporting, and accounting. CompuType’s unified device management solution uses a web-based platform to give network administrators easy and uncomplicated control of all network enabled printing devices. If you want to save money on your printing devices or learn more about this feature please give us a call today.

Document Solutions
Out Of The Box Scanning Solutions: The ability to share resources efficiently and in a secure manner enables businesses to be more productive and profitable. Kyocera Multifunctional Products (MFPs) address this need with standard scan and send capabilities that allow users to deliver documents to multiple destinations, including e-mail addresses, FTP destinations, network folders and facsimile devices. Black and white TIFFs or PDFs, as well as color JPEGs, TIFFs or PDFs (depending on the Kyocera MFP), can be sent quickly and securely.

Kyocera MFPs with standard scan functionality include ScanSoft PaperPort from Nuance. PaperPort software provides a better way to organize scanned files at the desktop and enables basic OCR (Optional Character Recognition), watermarking, and the ability to send to Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.

Simplify the Document Workflow Process:
KYOcapture Express is designed for small- to medium-sized businesses. This easy-to-implement solution allows users to scan and capture documents from select Kyocera MFPs, then index and OCR each page for full text searching, and convert them into multiple formats to route across various destinations.

Transform the Document Workflow Process:
For enterprise environments, KYOcapture is a server-based Document Capture Workflow Solution that enables the capture, process and routing of paper or electronic documents to multiple locations. KYOcapture delivers increased document workflow efficiencies, as well as related cost savings.

Maintenance Agreements
CompuType offers a 36-month maintenance agreement after the purchase of any of our Kyocera devices. Maintenance includes but is not limited to toners, parts, and labor to service the device. The Kyocera maintenance agreement will vary depending on each client and their needs. Having a maintenance agreement is like having an extended warranty. Should anything happen to your device, Computype will be there to ensure everything is back up and running properly due to the terms in our maintenance agreement. We offer maintenance agreements on both used and new Kyocera copiers or printers.

Leasing Options
If you do not want to expense the Kyocera copier and printer purchases upfront, CompuType can provide you with leasing options. CompuType works with up to 5 different leasing companies to provide you with the lowest rates and lower monthly payments. You also have the options of 36, 48, or 60-month leases. We can provide FMV (Fair Market Value) and $1 B/O ($1 Buy Out) leases to suit your needs. Application and processing fees do apply and are subject to change monthly.

Delivery Information
Once you have purchased a Kyocera copier or printer from CompuType, we will deliver the copier or printer to your office. Not only will CompuType deliver the copier or printer but CompuType will also set up the printer to the computer or on the desired network. CompuType will then train the end users how to utilize their new Kyocera Product. Kyocera delivery, setup, and training can all be provided for an additional cost.