VoIP Phone Service Provider in St. Louis

We get it, your office landlines have been with you since you started your business. Breaking up is hard to do! But the world has changed: landlines have become cell phones, everything else in your office has gone digital, increased functionality, improved your connectivity and efficiency… and yet your old business landline phone has somehow remained the same as it has been for decades. A relic.

A VoIP (Voice Over Internet) phone system means that you can give that old phone number the super powers to serve you in today’s competitive office environment.

Think about it. We do everything over the internet these days. We research. We buy. We sell. We connect. Isn’t it time your phone system jumped on board? When it’s time to make the switch to VoIP, Compu-Type has the IT support in St. Louis and surrounding area you can count on for a smooth transition.

Understand the Power of VOIP in Two Minutes!

Standard Phone Features

  • Expensive
  • 100 year-old technology
  • Voice calls only
  • Awkward and expensive to grow
  • Hasn’t increased functionality in 100+ years
  • Stuck on the desk
  • Missed calls
  • Boring old voicemail
  • Unwanted “home phone” calls
  • Disconnected from your office software

VoIP Internet Phone Service Features (Super Powers!)

  • Greatly reduced cost, greatly increased call quality
  • 21st Century technology
  • Multi-media support including: voice, video, conference phone and more
  • Built to grow inexpensively and seamlessly
  • Hundreds of calling features available at no additional cost
  • Receive calls from wherever you want
  • Mobile phone capabilities
  • Voicemail, voicemail to text, voicemail to email
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Integrate with your office software and email marketing software
  • Caller ID

Bottom line: Compu-Type Business VoIP service installers in St. Louis can replace your office phone system with VoIP. We’ll show you the costs up front and assess internet connection needs. We include phones with your service – the monthly fee is typically $35 per extension – that includes phone, phone service, phone support, customer service and recovery fees (taxes, etc)

An Actual Compu-Type Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) vs. Standard Phone Case Study

Compu-Type IT Solutions recently helped one of our Belleville clients with 7 phone lines go from paying a $478/month phone bill on their landline to $295/month while greatly increasing their productivity. The Compu-Type VoIP solution saves this local small business over $180/month and allows them to better manage their connectivity to their valuable Illinois customers. There is a one-time setup fee of $250-$450 (depending on the number of phones). Also, our service is with no contract – so you can go month to month! But we’re pretty sure once you tap into the benefits and flexibility of VoIP you’ll never want to go back!

Compu-Type IT Solutions in St. Louis: Providing Value Since 1988

In addition to the immense value offered from VoIP, by working with Compu-Type IT Solutions in Belleville, IL, you gain access to 30+ years of IT support experience and knowledge. Our company prides itself on its commitment to providing value to our customers. We offer a wide range of services such as video surveillance, printer and copier repair, web & internet, managed IT support, and more to St. Louis and its surrounding metro area. Simplify your business! Let Compu-Type IT Solutions bring your operation to the 21st century with our one-stop-shop capabilities.

Questions? Contact us and we’ll give you the facts about Voice Over IP!