We Help You Invest Wisely In Your Section 179 Business Equipment Tax Deduction

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March 27, 2019
Don’t Be Afraid to Migrate to Office 365
December 4, 2020
Benefits of a Windows 10 upgrade
March 27, 2019
Don’t Be Afraid to Migrate to Office 365
December 4, 2020
Technology and Business Tax Deductions

What is Section 179?:

Section 179 is an attractive tax deduction for small and medium businesses. It’s also very easy to understand and utilize.

Why is Section 179 Important to Me as A Business Owner?

Taking the Section 179 Deduction on financed equipment might be the most profitable business decision you make this year.

CompuType IT Solutions, in Belleville, IL, can help you obtain your Section 179 deduction and increase your business efficiency. CompuType’s Sales Manager, Amy Yan, explains: “Section 179 is a government incentive to allow “For Profit” businesses to receive a tax break. Typically around this time I discuss this with clients as everyone is trying to make their end of year purchases in time to qualify for Section 179 tax deduction. But it’s important to make technology decisions wisely. This is where CompuType can help.”

How Can I Make The Best Technology Decisions to Qualify for My Section 179 Deduction?

CompuType prides ourselves in providing “Valued Business Solutions” to our many business clients in and around Belleville and the St Louis metro east. 

During these trying times for business, we want to educate our clients and prospects of ways they can get funding for the things they need to continue to remain viable and become more competitive.

“Many of our clients don’t understand that the government has programs out there that can help them upgrade their equipment and or software to achieve security and improve their technology,” Yan explains. “Typically with Section 179, the clients come to us to upgrade their business equipment and software by the end of the year. Computype assesses their needs with our FREE Information Technology (IT) Assessment.  The assessment helps us determine what needs to be upgraded. We can also let you know what is approved and isn’t through Section 179.” 

CompuType knows it is important for businesses to take advantage of every incentive, credit and grant that they are entitled to, especially during these challenging times. But, it is of utmost importance to make strategic, educated decisions when it comes to investing in technology. CompuType is a knowledgeable, trusted advisor when it comes to designing your business technology suite and the role it will play in your business. It’s important that upgrades and new purchases are powerful, secure, easy to use, adaptable and as future-proof as they can be.

Our technology experts want to ensure that you get equipment that will work hard for you and make you and your team more productive. Our team can help you select what’s right for you, install it and get it up and running, train your staff to use it effectively, help you maintain it and stand by as a trusted support team.

How Can My Company Get Started With a Plan to Effectively Utilize Section 179?

The initial assessment takes about 1 hour. After that CompuType gathers all of the info and draws up something similar to a Business Plan. The Plan lists our recommendations of what needs to be upgraded and how much everything will cost. Then we have a second meeting with the client to go over our findings and recommendations. From there the client then approves what they want to do. With Section 179 all purchases have to be made by end of year and invoiced by end of year to qualify for this calendar year purchase.

Some of the suggestions we had and implemented include: upgrading servers, upgrading computers, upgrading copiers/printer, and upgrading software. We have helped many businesses this year upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 ensuring reliability and security in their work place. This particular upgrade has created a safer network environment and also helped out with productivity and decreases maintenance costs in all the businesses we have worked with! We have also upgraded many of our clients’ software to Office 365 this year. Read more about how Office 365 can help increase your efficiency.

A Section 179 Review Case Study:

A Local Pediatric Dentistry Office had some outdated computers and software.

They needed some guidance of upgrading their equipment at 3 locations. They were in the process up upgrading their dental software and needed assistance of reviewing their I.T. equipment to ensure that whatever propriety software they chose would be compatible with their new computers.

We helped them choose new workstations that would work well with the software. We also reviewed the daily procedures and processes of each location to determine if there were other things we can improve on. We discovered that all 3 locations were operating as a separate business, but after our review we were able to connect all locations together to operate much more efficiently as one.

CompuType enabled them to save time and unnecessary costs associated with their previously inefficient technology model.  

The end result was that the client gained new efficiency by correctly networking computer equipment and software, saving them time and streamlining their processes. A more unified approach to invoicing, billing, security, and workflow means that their technology investment makes them noticeably more productive and profitable.

Their purchases qualified under Section 179, saving them even MORE.

Get Started Now With Your Free Technology Assessment:

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*Conference with your accounting firm to make sure their purchases qualify. You can only offset profit (with SEC179). Other rules apply and “accelerated depreciation” may be a better option – your accountant will know best.